Month: July 2017

We’ve all had one: the volatile boss who lashes out over little things. The stressed-out co-worker who is constantly in a crisis. The arrogant customer who consistently makes insensitive comments. What each of these personas lack is a functional level of emotional intelligence. What may be harder to admit is that you are, at times, one of those people.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, acknowledge and manage your own emotions and recognize emotions in others. And high emotional intelligence is directly correlated with how successful you are in both your personal and professional life.

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How a book club can change your business

Zappos famously does this. TriNet and Warby Parker too. Mark Zuckerberg spent a year promoting one on Facebook and Arnie Malham created a whole company around it.

We are talking about the Book Club. But this is not your grandma’s Book Club.

Over the last decade, growing numbers of companies have created employee reading programs. These book clubs are driven by an interest in improving competency, camaraderie, and innovation while helping employees develop systematic reading habits.

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“high/low check-in”

Many companies have identified a set of company values. These are supposed to serve as a North Star and the filter through which you assess everything you do – as individuals and as a team. But a list of values without a system to monitor your alignment with them is a waste. So to ensure that you are living your values and giving yourselves no place to hide, consider doing a “high/low check-in” at the beginning of your weekly staff meetings.

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