Thrive exists to make conscious business the new business as usual.

We do this by making tools to help people build conscious companies. There are two frameworks that inform our thinking.

Behavior Change

Behavior change follows a model like this:
  • First we become aware of a different way of doing things.
  • Then we gain knowledge about it.
  • Then we get experience actually doing it.
  • Then there is a gap.
  • Those who make it over the gap make the new behavior part of how they do things.
  • Finally, we can teach others to make the change.
Thrive’s programs help people to learn, live, and eventually lead the four disciplines of conscious business.

Tipping Point

Achieving a tipping point works like this:
  • Innovators invent new things
  • Early adopters take the best of what the innovators create The Early Majority adopts the new stuff once the bugs have been worked out.
  • The Late Majority comes along after “everybody is doing it”
  • The Laggards reluctantly change their ways once there is no other option.
  • The Tipping Point where an innovation spreads through a population happens when you pass 16%.
To make conscious business the new business as usual, we need to achieve 16% adoption. That is exactly what we aim to do.

Who we are

We are a small team of four people. But it's a little tough to get to know us via a thumbnail so let's get a bit more personal.

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