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Thrive Culture Assessment

The better you know what is happening in your culture, the better you can focus on what matters. An annual culture assessment is a necessity for every company of 20 or more people but doing an internal culture audit is risky because it is hard to make people feel safe to tell the truth. They may fear reprisal, or they may not want to seem ungrateful.

Thrive has spent years refining a culture assessment tool that leverages a powerful theory in the science of workplace design alongside your company purpose/mission and values. The result is a rigorous assessment and a detailed report to show you exactly where your cultural pain points are - and how to fix them.

“ The Thrive Culture Assessment was our first step toward building a great culture. We highly recommend it. ”
Bob and Mike, Co-CEO's - BIGGBY COFFEE
- There are three reasons you should apply for this process now.


There is no commitment yet. We’ll get on the phone and discuss your company and our process to make sure this is a good fit.


You have limited time and focus. This assessment will give you what you need to stop wasting time in areas that don’t require your focus and make save you time in the areas that do.


We consider this process essential and limit the number of assessments we offer each year so we can go deep with our clients.
Assessment overview

How it works

01. Customization

After meeting with the leadership team to gain context, we develop and align on questions.

02. Collection

We provide email copy for a 2 week communication strategy to optimize and encourage employee participation.

03. Report and Recommendations

We deliver a detailed report explaining results and suggesting specific recommendations for improvement and reinforcement. We will conduct a final meeting with the leadership team to discuss the results and answer any questions you may have.

04. Action Plan

Based on the findings, we recommend a specific action plan to operationalize the recommendations. This plan can include no-cost interventions like having your team read and discuss a book to a full-blown custom culture change and training recommendations along with additional opportunities for collaboration with the Thrive team or other mission-aligned partners.

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