Put your leadership to the test

- The limitation of internal surveys is that there is no perfect way to make sure employees feel safe enough to tell you the truth.
Thrive offers a comprehensive culture survey and analysis (starting at $11,000) to give you the facts on what you are doing well and where you need to focus next. The analysis includes recommended training approaches to take your culture to the next level.
Leadership Process

01. On-Site Leadership Meeting

The process begins with a one-day visit from Thrive to meet with the leadership team, clarify business goals and engage in preliminary interviews with leaders and other team members.

Assessment Process

02. Assessment

Within two weeks of the on-site meeting an anonymous assessment is distributed to with a 14-day deadline for responses. The assessment seeks to establish a baseline for the workplace culture as well as probe for sub-optimal habits.


03. Report and Recommendations

Two weeks after the response deadline, Thrive will deliver a full report and recommendations for training to take your culture to the next level.

“I’ve never thanked anyone for kicking me in the balls before”

Micheal McFall, Co-CEO and President, BIGGBY COFFEE