The following program is intended to help membership organizations recruit and engage members by providing a turn-key training program to add value to the benefits of membership. Membership organizations can build on this foundation by adding custom programming as bandwidth and resources are available. The program includes three key elements intended to help companies with between 20 and 100 employees learn the four disciplines of conscious business.

The Petoskey Michigan Chamber of commerce has been using this program for two years, and publications across the state are noticing:
The Foundations of Conscious Business
This first-of-its-kind on demand course is intended to introduce the four disciplines of conscious business and help people at every level of the org chart to identify the specific practices that will help build a conscious company. The course can be completed in two hours, and is divided into six 20-minute sections to accommodate even the busiest of schedules. The course retails for $249, but organizations that purchase a bulk registration (starting at $1,250) can offer the course as a benefit of membership at no additional cost to members.
Monthly Deep Dive Webinars
On the third Thursday of each month, a Deep Dive webinar gives members access to an executive from a leading conscious company to get into the weds about the specific tools and practices that make conscious business ideas come alive in reality. A Q&A opportunity allows participants to get advice from these cutting edge leaders to overcome the challenges inherent in conscious business leadership. There is no charge for these webinars. (Link: Upcoming Webinars)
Bi-Weekly “Try This” Emails
Every-other week, a new tool is released to help members practice one of the four disciplines of conscious business, and to keep this work top-of-mind. These tools are specific practices used in day-to-day operations by many conscious companies including leadership self-assessments, stakeholder interview scripts, and culture evaluation questions. There is no fee for these tools. (Link to blog: Sample)