Thrive trains people at every level of the org chart to learn, live and lead the four disciplines of conscious business.


One of the greatest barriers to learning is the assumption that you already know. Thrive offers free and low-cost resources to help you learn the four disciplines of conscious business. These disciplines help companies recruit talent, engage employees, improve culture, and optimize performance to achieve their full potential.
Thrive Journal

Thrive Journal

Bi-Weekly email with best practices to try.

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Sum and Substance

Stories of purpose at work.

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Foundations of Conscious Business

The Foundations of Conscious Business

On-Demand Training to get you started.

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Understanding how something is done and the ability to actually do it are very different things. Thrive has created programs to move you from understanding the disciplines to putting them into action.

The Workshop on Conscious Business

52 week intensive course to teach you the “how” of Conscious Business.

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Assessment & Custom Training

A comprehensive culture survey and custom training program.

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No company, no matter how great, can realize the promise of conscious business alone. We must lead so that others, many others, may follow. Thrive partners with leading conscious companies and professional organizations to develop tools to train others in the four disciplines of conscious business.
Sum and Substance Video Feature

Sum and Substance Video Features

Tell your story to reinforce your culture, attract talent and inspire others to follow your lead.

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Add real value to your members and build a thriving community.

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