Sum and Substance

Feature Video Stories

In addition to the spoken stories at live events, Thrive works with select partners to produce 3-5 minute feature video stories about higher purpose and exemplary culture. Then we distribute those videos to inspire roughly tens of thousands of people in the Thrive and Conscious Company Media digital audience to follow your lead and drive the movement for purpose at work forward.

There are three reasons why this might make sense for you.

#1 - It will Strengthen Your Brand.

Having a compelling video about your purpose or culture from a third party will thread the needle of celebrating those aspects of your company without being too self-promotional. The people in the Sum and Substance and Conscious Company Media audiences are the folks who talk with lots of other people about what the best companies are doing, helping you to attract mission-aligned talent.

#2 - It will Reinforce your Culture.

Thrive will work with you to make this video a strategic fit not just for your present, but for your future. We will focus on the parts of your company that give everyone in it something to be proud of and something to strive for. Once completed, the video is yours to use for recruitment, training, and anything else you want.

#3 - It will Advance the Movement.

You have seen the impact your purpose and culture can have. Imagine the impact if that kind of business became business as usual? By partnering with Thrive, you are supporting Sum and Substance and helping this conversation to spread to more people in cities across America. That is what needs to happen and a feature video story is an important tool to help other companies follow your lead and to drive the movement forward.

Here are several recent examples:

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