The Workshop

- This four-part series will give you the tools to elevate your purpose, champion stakeholder relationships, amplify your leadership and create a culture that people love.


Many conscious companies have very low turnover, retaining over 90% of their workforce.1



Conscious leaders get double the effort from their employees.2


Conscious companies outperform the S&P 500 by 14x.3
A consious business focuses on purpose beyond profit, creating wins for all stakeholders, and building a culture that helps people grow. Learn more
  1. Mackey, John, and Rajendra Sisodia. 6. Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, Harvard Business Review Press, 2014.
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This kind of leadership is the future of business as usual.
Workshop Cycle

Become a conscious business leader in a year.

The workshop is crafted to help early adopters implement conscious business practices into their companies.
  • Purpose

    More than corporate social responsibility, it is total commitment to a specific purpose beyond profit.
  • Stakeholders

    Conscious businesses reject tradeoffs and create win-win interactions among all stakeholders.
  • Leadership

    Conscious business is not possible without leaders who demonstrate competence in systems, emotional, and spiritual intelligence.
  • Culture

    A conscious culture cares for people like they are family.
You'll learn cutting-edge conscious business practices and begin to implement them into your company. Interested in enrolling? Speak with a program leader.
Dive into leading books, case studies and research to gain a deep, yet practical, understanding of conscious business practices.
Drive innovation, by implementing a specific conscious business practice in your organization each month.
Engage with fellow business leaders who are on the cutting edge of the conscious business movement.
Track your progress with monthly observations and feedback.


Programs begin quarterly. Registration closes two weeks prior. Payment options available.

Full Year

Get all four quarters, a great community and a price break to boot.

3 Person Team


$400/mo solo.

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Single Quarter

Enroll in a quarter that best fits your needs. Move on to other quarters if you choose when you are done.

3 Person Team


$450/mo solo.

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