Our story

Nathan and Jessica met on a wine tour in Mendoza, Argentina. Nathan is an extrovert. Jessica is not. If it weren’t for Jessica’s friend, Sara, who actually started talking with Nathan and his now wife Cari we might not have this story. Over the course of the day and many glasses of wine it was discovered that Nathan and Jessica shared many of the same business interests.

While the story has a few more twist and turns involved the gist is Nathan and Jessica reconnected. Nathan said he was starting Thrive, a business he wanted to grow that would help businesses become exceptional. Nathan also told Jessica he had no money and no clients. Jessica said best of luck.

Meanwhile Nathan met Jay who was working for a startup in Venice, California. Nathan and Jay shared some mutual contacts and not long after they met the startup ran out of money. Jay didn’t have a job and Nathan asked Jay if he wanted to build a website for a client. Jay said sure except he didn’t know how to build a website. But no problem he’d teach himself via YouTube. And he did. The first website was sold for $300.

Jessica came on not long after the $300 website under the agreement that she would work for Thrive for six months. That was six years ago.

Like most businesses there have been twists and turns, highs and lows, utter failures and fun breakthroughs but the intention has always been to elevate business as a force for good by improving the ways teams work with each other.

This led to launching Sum and Substance in 2015, a national storytelling series telling individuals stories of finding purpose at work.

Today, Thrive works with companies like Marriott International, Salesforce and BIGGBY Coffee. Nathan speaks around the country and is a regular contributor to Conscious Company Magazine. Jessica and Jay traverse the country capturing Sum and Substance stories as well as supporting Thrive clients.

The days of the $300 website are no more (which honestly, thank goodness). But our hustle and focus has not changed. We remain a team of three committed to helping businesses grow exceptional workplace cultures believing that every person deserves work they love.